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Canada is among the world’s leaders in aerospace, and is recognized globally for its cost-effective and quality contributions to the international market.

Between 2004 and 2009, the Canadian aerospace manufacturing sector ranked first among OECD countries for productivity growth and was a leader in terms of value added per employee.

Canada’s leading aerospace company, Bombardier, is the third largest manufacturer of civil aircraft in the world and directly employs 20,000 people in Canada’s aerospace industry.


The Brains

The Canadian aerospace industry includes more than 700 firms and employs approximately 40,000 people. Its activities support roughly 170,000 full-time equivalent employees throughout the Canadian economy.

Canadian universities provide a constant stream of educated professionals to the aerospace industry. Institutions such as Ryerson University, the University of Toronto, Carleton University and McGill University offer cutting-edge programs in aerospace engineering.


The Bottom Line

The aerospace industry contributes $27 billion to Canadian GDP, making it the second largest in the world when measured as share of GDP.

Canada’s annual R&D and capital investment of $1.7 billion make it an industry leader in aircraft technology development and applications.

Investment tax credits and funding programs such as SR&ED and SADI make Canada an attractive option for companies looking to establish an R&D presence in North America.

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Winnipeg, Manitoba

Montreal is the national hub of the Canadian aerospace industry and is one of the most prominent aerospace centres in the world. The industry also has significant centres in Toronto, Winnipeg, and Vancouver.

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