Promotional Copy

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Vibrant Cities

Canadian urban centers have breathing space: in the physical sense, they aren’t overcrowded; in the social sense, you’re free to be yourself and explore. They're cosmopolitan and sophisticated, with a taste for something wild.

Award-winning food

Unique locally-sourced ingredients, a return to natural freshness and low-intensity farming, ethnic fusion, techniques, settings, and people all combine to make Canadian cuisine a savory experience.

Urban Canada

Canadian cities are vibrant centers of arts, culture and culinary adventure, filling you with a sense of exploration, discovery and inspiration, with nature as your backdrop.

Canadian cross-country

A journey is more than getting from one place to the next, it’s about exploring, and discoveries made along the way.

Glamping (Glamorous camping)

Find adventure by immersing yourself in nature’s wonders, water, and wildlife, without sacrificing your creature comforts.

Go local

Adopt Canadian je-ne-sais-quoi in Montreal’s nightlife. Discover Acadian culture at a summer kitchen party. Share stories with a local at the Yukon Storytelling Festival.

Get natural

Sit back, relax and listen. A log on the beach, the deck of a boat, the balcony of your hotel room. It's everywhere: Canadian nature.

You deserve it

Treat yourself to a sunset massage overlooking the water, soak your muscles in a hot tub as you gaze up at the Northern Lights and salute the sun as you flow into your next yoga move over the Rockies. Slip into bliss and let Canada treat you well.