Top 10 Business Reasons to Meet in Canada

Our vibrant cities - right on the edge of nature, award-winning food and wine, multi-cultural locals and lust for new experiences make Canada one of the best meeting, convention and incentive travel destinations in the world.

  1. Great Value:
    Value for your dollar – five-star products at affordable prices

  2. Tax Rebates:
    Generous Goods and Services Tax Rebate Program for meeting planners

  3. Support System:
    Great support from the staff of the Business Events Canada

  4. Unique Products:
    Wide variety of uniquely Canadian products and services from coast-to-coast

  5. Huge Choice:
    No need to ever repeat an itinerary as Canada is the second largest country in the world

  6. Easy to get to:
    Ease of access; Canada is close to the U.S. and offers outstanding lift from North America and abroad

  7. Open Year-round:
    Unique and diverse seasonal activities

  8. Friendly:
    Canada is foreign yet friendly and familiar

  9. You know what you’re getting:
    Destination Canada's Site Program will help you experience the product first-hand

  10. Greater attendance:
    Guaranteed increased attendance when meeting in Canada