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Life is easier when someone else does the planning, especially if they have insider knowledge. Let us suggest some one, two and three-day itineraries around Canada. And if you have a week? Unique experiences are only the beginning …

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Banff & Jasper National Parks, Alberta

Summer: From Majestic to Magnificent
To drive through the gates of Jasper or Banff National Parks is to enter a world of waterfalls, emerald lakes, wildlife, grand 19th-century hotels and 360° views of jagged snow-capped peaks.

Muskoka, Ontario

Summer: Northern Utopia
A town of locals and regulars, Muskoka offers road side barbecue spots, sandy beaches, waterways you can take to by sailboat, canoe and kayak, hiking, biking and million dollar homes to dream about.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Summer: Great times where the rivers meet
Luxury resorts and wilderness lodges. Events and nightlife. Shopping, dining and galleries. Spas, sports and trails galore. Winnipeg has a story to tell at just about every street corner.
Winter: There’s more than snow in the air
Winnipeggers embrace the winter months with zest. The city comes alive with fantastic festivals, events and activities. Breathe in the frosty air and you’ll see—the spirit is contagious.

Fredericton, New Brunswick

Summer: Rich history, High Tides
Rich history, High Tides

Whitehorse, Yukon

Summer: Northern summer rush
A Whitehorse summer is about long, leisurely days under the Midnight Sun, kicking up your heels at frontier festivals. Check out the lively art scene, or breathe in the solitude of the nearby wilderness.
Winter: Chill up north
Whitehorse thrives to the beat of winter with festivals, dog mushing competitions, snowy sports and cocooning in cottages. A season of fun played out beneath the dazzle of the Northern Lights.

Whistler, British Columbia

Summer: Mountain playground
Even before Whistler became an Olympic town, there was an endless list of amazing things to do. It's North America's most exciting outdoor playground.
Winter: Olympic fever!
The Olympics came here. So should you. This is North America's favorite outdoor playground. Skiing, snowboarding and more. With fabulous accommodations and dining, too.

Victoria, British Columbia

Summer: Tea after tee time on the ocean
Visit a quaint charming seaside city with all the comforts of a big city. See how ancient, colonial and modern cultures mix.
Winter: Seaside charm with a chill
Visit a quaint charming seaside city with all the comforts of a big city. Surrounded by ocean, it offers a rich and interesting history.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Summer: Do what the locals do
This spectacular city is a sophisticated environment sitting on the edge of nature. Whatever you love to do, you'll be able to do it here.
Winter: Sea sand to boutique to mountain peaks
The mild ocean climate and mountains nearby mean that anything is possible in Vancouver all-year around. Golf and sail on the same winter day that you escape to the mountains to ski.

Toronto, Ontario

Summer: Hip City Fests, Architectural Hits
Join Torontonians as they take to the streets for summer fun. Walk along the beach, explore ethnic neighborhoods, jump up in a parade or find a quiet place all your own.
Winter: Winter Festivals warm the city
A bit of snow won’t stop the hub of activity in Toronto. Check out world-class artistic offerings and breathtaking natural terrain. Grab your coat and get outside.

St. John's, Newfoundland

Summer: Cozy Culture, Intimate Escapes
Become an islander from the moment you arrive. Welcoming locals, the smell of the ocean and an island culture will have you wondering not only if you can extend your stay, but if you should ever go home.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Summer: Come alight your spirit
Whether it’s reconnecting over a deliciously prepared meal, sharing memories at a concert, an evening stroll along the beautiful river bank, Saskatoon shines.

Regina, Saskatchewan

Summer: Surprises in the wheatfields
Shakespeare, lattes, boutiques to shop, art work to contemplate, valleys and trails to hike - there’s so much more to this Prairie town than the swaying of the wheat fields.

Québec City, Québec

Summer: Fairytale charm
Québec City is music in the streets, serious sidewalk café time and easy access to the wilderness. Stroll around the walled city’s fortress ramparts or bike the banks of the St. Lawrence.

Ottawa, Ontario

Summer: Capital City Grandeur; Local lore
Ottawa summers are meant for walking. Pedestrian friendly streets, hills covered in flowers and everything from gourmet restaurants to neighbourhood pubs encourage relaxation.

The Okanagan, British Columbia

Summer: Enjoy the sun, sip the wine
Canada's most glorious climate creates a valley filled with sunshine, fruit orchards, and fabulous wineries everywhere.

Niagara, Ontario

Summer: Exclusive experiences outside
A world wonder is only the beginning of a stay in Niagara. From the thrill of a casino floor to the chance to touch a shark, this city offers visitors a reason to make the most of downtime.

Montréal, Québec

Summer: Hot Summer Nights
Hot jazz hits the streets of Montréal in summer, a time of back-to-back festivals, biking routes along shaded canals, lingering at sidewalk cafes and Latin fun under the Francophone sun.

Iqaluit, Nunavut

Summer: Arctic festivals and flowers
An Iqaluit Arctic summer is festival time, listening to throat-singing and buying original Inuit art straight from the artist. Head into the silence of wildflower-carpeted tundra to spot caribou and Arctic foxes.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Summer: Lush landscapes, Seaside Respite
Fresh Atlantic Ocean air, a welcoming community of locals and iconic Canadian adventures await in Halifax. Watch the whales from the shore and head home with a fiddler’s song in your heart.

Edmonton, Alberta

Summer: So much to breathe in
Alberta's capital blends urban arts and culture into a resort-like setting. Known as “Festival City,” Edmonton is alive in the summer with a never ending list of exciting things to see and do.

Dawson City, Yukon

Summer: Fun under the Midnight Sun
Summer in Dawson City is all about Klondike Fun under the Midnight Sun. Re-live Gold Rush days panning for gold and gambling in an old time casino. Or head into the pristine wilderness.

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Summer: Classic summer days and days
Walk in the footsteps of northern pioneers, talk to the locals and discover the Yukon spirit.

Calgary, Alberta

Summer: Rustle up some unique memories
Ranches, river valleys and the Canadian Rockies. History and heritage. Shopping, galleries, live theater, an eclectic menu of restaurants and famous Alberta beef. Welcome to Calgary.
Winter: Just try & rein in the excitement
Whether it’s the breathtaking scenery, natural wonders, welcoming atmosphere, urban buzz, or endless ways you can catch a rush, Calgary is the place to be.