Dawson City

Dance under the Northern Lights
Dawson City, Yukon
Get into the north’s pioneer spirit. Slip into a parka for dog-sledding under the Northern Lights or go ice fishing. Get to know locals to the sound of ragtime tunes in a Sourdough saloon.

Catch Gold Rush Fever

Slip into a saloon and sip a cocktail containing a pickled human toe to become an official Sourdough. Lose yourself in a story at the Jack London Interpretive Centre. Shop for local gold nugget jewelry.

Old time casino and mammoth tusks

Spin the roulette wheel and watch dancing girls in crinolines and fishnets kick up their heels at Diamond Gertie’s Gambling Hall. Explore First Nations culture at Danoja Zho Cultural Centre. Drop into the Trading Post and see fossilized woolly Mammoth tusks.

Get northern with dogs and the Aurora Borealis

Watch the northern lights dance from the top of the Midnight Dome. Rug up and go dog-sledding through a winter wonderland. Punch through bat-wing bar doors to hear honky-tonk piano. Learn what it took to be a Sourdough at the Dawson City Museum.

If you have one week, feel the call of the wi

Head into a wilderness lodge and try ice fishing. Catch a bush plane north to Inuvik on the Arctic Ocean to visit an igloo-shaped church and sample Arctic char and musk ox. Learn how to mush a team of dogs, then watch the northern lights from an outdoor hot tub.