Rich history, High Tides
Fredericton, New Brunswick
Rich history, High Tides

Steps from your hotel, a whole new world begging to be explored

From the highest tides on the planet at the Bay of Fundy to the migratory birds worth watching, New Brunswick's coastlines offer a chance to see nature at its best. Sit on the edge of the earth and let the whales come to you.

The roots of a people and the culture to prove it

You can't help but tap your foot when the music starts. Fiddlers and folk songs are meant for singing along. Start with a group whiskey tasting and let a local teach you a Scottish jig or settle in for stories from Canada's first settlers and a unique celebration of chocolate.

Trips further afield offer a chance explore nature and the locals that make the place special

Explore 432 acres of old-growth forest in Odell Park. Watch monarchs, swallowtails and zebra butterflies flit among the flowers at Butterfly Conservatory. Take a road trip through New Brunswick's covered bridges and country lanes or stop at the side of the road and let real lobster fishermen put you in the action

Feel your heart slow with the knowledge that

Head to the water's edge with dramatic coastlines and world revered tides crash against the shore. Celebrate with a seafood bounty, natural beauty and a long held tradition of fiddling into the night.