Arctic Adventure on Ice
Iqaluit, Nunavut
Winter in Iqaluit means endless stars and surreal landscapes. Bundle up in traditional Inuit gear, head out with your guide and mush at midnight. Enjoy the stillness and how you got here.

Catch the Arctic spirit

Join traditional feasts, hear Inuit throat-singing and watch ice sculpture competitions at the Toonik Tyme Festival. Take a tour of Inuit-made tapestries, carvings and prints housed in the Legislative Assembly. Tuck into caribou stew.

Art beneath the Northern Lights

Check out the latest exhibition of Inuit art at the Nunatta Sunakkutaangit Museum. Buy one-of-a-kind jewelry carved in the shape of Inukshuk, people-shaped Inuit trail markers. Join a square dance evening. Watch the shimmering red, green and yellow Northern Lights dance overhead in the night sky.

Building igloos and mushing dogs

Mush a dog team across the tundra. Learn to build an igloo. Go ice-fishing for Arctic Char. Watch snowmobiles race across the frozen tundra during the Snow Challenge in March. Kite-ski across frozen Frobisher Bay.

If you have one week, experience the pristine

Fly to Pond Inlet for an Arctic safari to the ice floe edge to see narwhal, belugas and giant icebergs. Experience an Inuit home-stay in Kimmirut. Hire a local outfitter for a polar bear adventure on Frobisher Bay. Watch Inuit artists produce world class carvings and prints in Cape Dorset.