Exclusive experiences outside
Niagara, Ontario
A world wonder is only the beginning of a stay in Niagara. From the thrill of a casino floor to the chance to touch a shark, this city offers visitors a reason to make the most of downtime.

Behind the scenes of a natural wonder

Walk behind the falls and feel their thunder. Sail on the only vessel allowed to get up close. Feel what it would be like to be at the creation of the falls. Join your colleagues on midday walk through gorgeously manicured parklands with a backdrop like no other.

See something old; learn something new

Challenge class 5 rapids by Jet Boat as a couple. Eat dinner overlooking a world wonder. Learn to play poker like a pro at a Casino class or stick to the spa next door. Ride high on the Niagara Skywheel. Get kissed by a killer whale at Marine Land.

Take to the streets of a town built for strolling

Quaint shops filled with treats, streets meant for bicycles and pedestrians and historical monuments set among the architecture that has stood the test of time. Niagara on the Lake , set in the midst of some of the world's finest wineries and a bounty of local produce, begs to be explored slowly.

Explore the towns outside the city and discover

Hop on a train and be carried from spa to spa.  Or bring your bike for tours throughout the countryside. Take a winemaking class at a local winery with friends and find out who's the better blender. Hit the outlet shops and go home looking like a million bucks.