Surprises in the wheatfields
Regina, Saskatchewan
Shakespeare, lattes, boutiques to shop, art work to contemplate, valleys and trails to hike - there’s so much more to this Prairie town than the swaying of the wheat fields.

Urban Exploration

Enjoy a morning latte at a sidewalk café set. Embark on a walking tour of the historic Warehouse District, where Chicago-style buildings have been transformed into boutiques, gourmet restaurants and nightlife spots. Then take in a show at the Globe Theatre, Canada’s only permanent theatre in the round.

Pamper Your Spirit

Hit the trails that weave round Asana Lake. Stop to visit the bird sanctuary, art galleries and museums that dot the route. Enjoy a farm-fresh lunch of organic foods and just-baked treats at the downtown Regina Farmer’s Market. Then head to beautiful Qu’Appelle Valley for some outstanding summer fishing.

Slip into the Past

Step back into a gentler time with a costumed tour of 19th-century life at Government House. Salute the proud history of Canada’s Mounties at the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) Heritage Centre. See the incredible Glass Wheatfield with its 14,000 stalks of glass wheat, at the Regina Plains Museum.

If you have one week...

Trek through tunnels reputedly used by 1930s gangster, Al Capone. Saddle up for a multi-day horse-riding trip down at Cypress Hill, located less than an hour from the province’s only winery. Book a few days at a spa where you can soak in water fed by ancient underground seabeds.