Hip City Fests, Architectural Hits
Toronto, Ontario
Join Torontonians as they take to the streets for summer fun. Walk along the beach, explore ethnic neighborhoods, jump up in a parade or find a quiet place all your own.

In Toronto, friends, festivals and fun make for a triple summer treat

Ride a glass elevator up the CN Tower then stand on a glass floor 113 storeys above the ground. Mingle with a million new friends at the Pride parade and meet a million more jamming in the streets at Caribana. Refuel on Bloor and satisfy your credit card in Yorkville.

Spine tingling thrills for breakfast; Arts and culture for dessert

Challenge colleagues to take the plunge on Canada's biggest, fastest, tallest roller coaster or enjoy the nostalgia of an old fashioned fair. Admire the architectural wonder of the Royal Ontario Museum and Art Gallery of Ontario. Spend an afternoon walking a beach boardwalk and feeling miles away from the boardroom.

Enjoy a downtown city island getaway or a cottage country culinary escape

Catch a ferry steps from your hotel room across to Toronto Island. Bike, walk, jog or roll along the kilometers of paved pathways. Plan an outdoor meeting with a picnic lunch. Stay long enough to catch the sunset over the cityscape before catching the gentle ferry back to reality.

Settle into a neighbourhood different from you

Eat authentic sushi, curry, jerk chicken and fajitas in the same day only blocks apart.  Walk past signs in a dozen different languages. Find your inner bohemian on Queen Street West. Grab lunch at the St. Lawrence market and chat with the farmers who grew the lettuce in your salad.