Classic summer days and days
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
Walk in the footsteps of northern pioneers, talk to the locals and discover the Yukon spirit.

Connect with your inner Northerner

Stroll Ragged Ass Road in historic gold-rush era Old Town and try a caribou burger at the funky Wildcat Café’s split-log tables. Prowl art galleries stocked with woolly mammoth ivory tusk creations, beaded Dene garments and Inuit carvings. Celebrate golf under the Midnight Sun at the Canadian North Midnight Classic.

Feel the beat, then get your diamonds and culture

Dance during two 24-hour days of live music on five stages at the Folk on the Rocks Festival. Buy jewelry made with custom-cut, locally mined diamonds, branded Canadian with a tiny polar bear. Re-live the excitement of a bush pilot’s life at the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre

Go play outside or shop for unique treasures

Go fly-fishing on Great Slave Lake, Canada’s deepest. Shop for mittens made from rare, soft musk ox fleece called qiviuk. Paddle a canoe with a picnic lunch on a lake that you have all to yourself. Listen to an old timer’s tale at a local pub.

If you have one week...

Explore the wild territory. Ride a raft down the mighty South Nahanni River or hop a helicopter to hike among unnamed peaks and turquoise lakes in the high alpine. Spot grizzlies, caribou and musk ox on the tundra of Thelon Wildlife Sanctuary and howl with the wolves under the Midnight Sun.