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If you're coming to Canada for a meeting or convention, this is the place to find all the practical resources, tools, information and tips you'll need to make your trip a memorable one. For example, find out more on:

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Rail Travel

Touring Canada by train is one of the most elegant ways to see the country. Virtually all of Canada's major cities are connected by railroad and passenger rail travel is enjoying renewed popularity. From gourmet service in the Rocky Mountaineer's custom-designed GoldLeaf Dome Coach to a trip back to a gentler era on the vintage cars of the Royal Canadian Pacific, romance of the rails is alive and well in Canada.

Via Rail

Canada's national passenger rail service, VIA Rail, will carry you between most major Canadian cities in comfort. Choose from stylish sleeping cars, Comfort class, bedrooms and roomettes. VIA rail also offers special rail passes and vacation packages.


VIA Rail's Canrailpass gives you 12 days of unlimited rail travel in Canada during a 30-day period. For more information on rail passes, visit the VIA Rail website.

Scenic & Luxury Rail Tours

Return to the golden era of rail travel on a scenic rail tour to some of the most spectacular and inaccessible terrain in the world-from glacial peaks to roaring rivers. You'll savor the views from the panoramic dome cars, taste gourmet meals in first-class style and even board a fleet of luxuriously appointed 1920s-era rail cars, conveyor of royalty, presidents and prime ministers.

Explore the wide variety of rail tours and travel packages available through VIA Rail or Rocky Mountaineer.

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